Friday, February 1, 2013

Of books and dessert

My weekends start on Fridays. I do not have to go to school but somehow I felt the need to study today. I dragged myself downstairs to the apartment's lounge which was actual conducive for studying except for the iffy smell of the TDKs. After lunch, I didnt go out anymore. I was engrossed with the book from the 1990s. It had a very extensive discussion on modelling dynamics and yes, its nerdy. As a reward to myself, I made strawberries and cream crepe from scratch. Here's what's unique with the crepe, the cream is actually sour cream. The trick to make the sour cream go well with the crepe is to mix dark brown sugar into it. Yes, it may be cheating but I actually like how it tasted relative to whipped cream. Whipped cream will simply give you a creamy froth but the sour cream mix gave it a little kick.

Try it, when the brown sugar remains in clumps, dont worry about it. after a few minutes, it will disappear and blend into the sour cream hence the tinge of brown.

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