Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Suburban Weekend

Last weekend, I had the good fortune of spending it in a real house with a friend who I met on an airplane a couple of years back. We live a couple of cities away from each other but her community is lightyears away from mine. 

For lunch, we had a traditional Filipino meal, daing na bangus and tamarind soup (sinigang). Unfortunately, I was too famished to take a picture of that. But I had the opportunity to take a picture of the next day's meal. I made fried silken tofu cubes, while my friend made daing na bangus (milkfish) and shrimp ampalaya (bittergourd). They were all so good. The bittergourd here seems to have a lighter color relative to the ones found at home and its not as bitter as well.

It snowed!!!

Mass at St. Timothy Catholic Church

We stopped by the Asian supermarket which I later found out is one of the larger ones here in Virginia.

The goods were all relatively cheaper than those found in Harris Teeter. But then again, going to a faraway place versus walking to the local grocery is still more practical right? The grocery, Lotte International Asian Market, seems to be pre-dominantly a Korean supermarket but it also caters to other cultures like Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Filipino, Thai and the like.

Goodness, I hoarded tons of vegetables and other goodies. Thank goodness my friend brought me over to my apartment instead of taking the metro since I didn't know how I would carry everything.

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