Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chores day

Living alone in a foreign country is not all about sight seeing or even enjoying days at work. One also has to do things called chores.

Back home, I already have my own place so cooking, washing dishes and fixing clutter is not really new. But living away means the help could not dropby twice a week to clean up or do the laundry. Its all me. So today, i'm doing laundry and  and cleaning the kitchen (by force because the apartment will be doing some work in the kitchen tomorrow so it has to be all set for them).

I just need to vent. Yesterday, i just realized i had tons of things to do and putting a clock on chores is a little too much. I was supposed to go to the grocery today but I was too lazy to go out. I blame it on the cold weather although today is not as cold. Anyway, I better start cleaning, because clothes won't wash themselves.


  1. :( dont feel bad! by the way I'm back in Manila!!! Kakainis sa China banned ang blogger and facebook! Anyhoo whats up whats up???!!

  2. I was just tired. natambakan na kasi ako. :|