Saturday, February 9, 2013

A trip to the Kennedy Center

Last Thursday was a fun night. My supervisor and I went to watch an Afghan Music Concert at the Kennedy Center. The best thing about this is that the concert was free courtesy of the Millennium Stage sponsored by Target.

I am very curious about this concert because I have never heard Afghan music. It turned out quite well. They brought in the Afghan Youth Orchestra who performed alongside the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra and William Harvey. Their performance was definitely stunning.

They started with a popular traditional Afghan folk song, followed by an Indian traditional song and an Afghan traditional song and my favorite William Harvey's arrangement of Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons interpreted for Afghanistan. I've always been a fan of classical music. Thanks to my piano teacher and my mother, who pushed me to take music lessons for more than ten years. Which I feel resulted into music appreciation instead of me learning an instrument.

Aside from the wonderful music, we were able to make new friends with Claire and Tita Gay, Filipinos who migrated here as well.

Here's a video of the concert:

Hall of Nations

Getting ready in the Concert Hall

 Beehive-patterned ceiling

 Afghan Girls 

Right after the finale

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