Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alexandia Restaurant Week (Summer 2013)

I was not really intending to go out. While packing a box of goodies to send back home, I browsed through the newspaper and discovered that its restaurant week once again, where a three course meal for lunch is just 20.13USD. So I quickly invited my friend and he was able to research and organize lunch in a jiffy. We even had his sister with us.

Reservations were made at the Chart House restaurant located along the Alexandria Waterfront. We were lucky enough to be seated by the water with a magnificent view of the Potomac River. I was quite excited to try this restaurant because two year ago, when I visited Alexandria, I wanted to try the restaurant out but a Korean friend told me that it was too fancy. Indeed, upon entering the restaurant it was as though you entered a luxury cruise ship. Our server, Chelsea, was very kind and accommodating. She was knowledgeable of the menu and you know that she's a foodie because the way she described the food was so detailed and the kitchen did not disappoint. For restaurant week, their menu included: 

Since it was cold and rainy that day, we all had the clam chowder served with a variety of breads and crackers

complimentary bread

clam chowder
The clam chowder was good but its not creamy enough for me.

for the main course:

My friend had the salmon burger. Do not get fooled by the picture. The burger was gigantic. Its not like any burger that you would order elsewhere. The texture was that of a crabcake and crabcakes are awesome!!! so you can imagine this being awesome too.

The girls had the firecracker shrimp roll. The menu said it was spicy but i feel it was not spicy enough. But again it was superb. The texture of the vegetables and the tempura shrimps in the roll blended well with the sauce. 

Our entrees may not look like much but the serving was definitely good for 2 persons. Everyone consumed only half of the platter and had it boxed up.

for dessert:
we had to try everything so my friend got the new york cheesecake
it was served with a scoop of ice cream. By far one of the best cheesecakes that I have tried. it was not overpowering at all and the ice cream was very light.

i had the creme brulee. it was good. But personally I find nothing special with it. Growing up from a household where my grandmother would make tons of leche flan (a similar dish) for distribution to friends and family, i feel creme brulee is just ordinary. In fact I would say leche flan is more difficult to make since you have to get the custard out of the mold in one whole piece, while with creme brulee you serve it right on the platter you baked it in. 

Overall, I would say that this restaurant is one of the best and I would definitely go back for restaurant week or happy hour.