Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pho Bac Vietnamese Restaurant

Part of my suburban weekend was a meal at the Vietnamese restaurant in downtown Chantilly. Pho Bac Vietnamese Restaurant is a quaint little place where the server/cashier is a pretty American who actually speaks Vietnamese because she lived in the country before.

Here's the menu

The prices are very reasonable and the large bowl of Pho is actually good to share. We had the #3 Pho from the menu with beef tendon brisket but the amount of meat in was almost close to nothing. The beef slices were extra thin. It came with the usual vegetables, which actually enhanced the taste of the soup.

This restaurant also serves bubble tea, unfortunately, unless you are a frequent guest of this place, you will not know about it.

We had the taro bubble tea and I found it to be good. It exceeded my expectation because the pearls were not as gooey as they would have served it in Manila but I am also slightly disappointed that it was a powdered drink.

Overall, I would still go back to this restaurant but I definitely have to go with someone so that we could share the large bowl of noodle.


  1. Looks good ah! How about Filipino resto there?

    1. I haven't tried Filipino restaurants.