Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trip to the grocery

Thanks to four-day university work weeks, I get to do things at my own time on Fridays. Starting the days off with answering emails, and gym, I went to the grocery. I hit two stops actually, Harris Teeter and Costco. I learned my lesson from the last time I went crazy grocery shopping, so I brought my buddy along:

A suitcase!

Its not odd when people see me walking around with a suitcase. First, because I live one metro station away from the airport. Secondly, I also see other people walking around with suitcases. Anyway, I brought the suitcase along just to make sure that I wont have a hard time lugging all my purchases around. Last time I did that, I got sick. Anyway, I couldn't believe that my purchases from Harris Teeter didn't fit. I had to carry a plastic of herbs back. I got myself a couple of good deals. 
This bag of basil actually has the plant with its roots in some amount of water, making sure that consumers get fresh basil all the time. The nice this about this is that its priced exactly the same as fresh basil that has been cut and packed, so I went for the living basil

Buy 1 get 1 free special on Pepperidge Farms Milanos!!! Last week they had the same promotion for Pepperidge Farms cookies. These are my favorite even back home, but I wouldn't buy them normally because they are quite expensive for their size ($3.49 each). I am considering to stock up on these. the promotion only runs until tuesday.

Cling wrap is also in the buy 1 take 1 list, also until tuesday. Although I still have some, it won't hurt to stock. (Gosh, I seriously feel like a hoarder!)

This was also on sale, only $0.97 but I didn't hoard because the promotion runs until April 16 anyway. I will pick this up over time.

This was also on sale.

On my way back home, I dropped by Costco. It was already around 3pm and I haven't had lunch so I went around trying out their samples while doing my second round of grocery. I finally bought the things that I actually want such as honey, pecans, dark chocolate acai blueberries. When I got home, I was so tired but I had to make dinner, yes it took me that long to get home, so I made this:

Salmon tofu burger with edamame pesto

I based the recipe from this link. If you read my earlier post on red velvet cupcakes, I mentioned that I usually get a recipe from the internet, cross reference it with a bunch of other recipes and recalibrate it to my own personal preference.

Recipe for Salmon tofu burger with edamame pesto (my version):
I basically used half a block of soft tofu, a can of sockeye salmon, a can of pink salmon, a few sprigs of cilantro, (I honestly forgot to buy wasabi! It would have added a kick to this), a few rounds of dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste, 1 egg to bind everything, although i think I should have used more. Make 3 inch sized balls and coat with panko (japanese breadcrumbs), flatten and continue to coat with breadcrumbs. Since I'm cooking for just myself, I kept everything else in freezer bags (2 patties in each bag so I won't have to defrost everything, every time).

For the edamame pesto, I simply eyeball measured everything based on the taste that I wanted to achieve, so in a food processor, combine edamame beans, cilantro, basil, pecans (because that's what I have, but you can easily use walnuts or pine nuts), extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste.


  1. YOU ARE DEFINITELY A HOARDER!!!! HOARDER! :P :D I wanna cook like you!! Please give me the strength. lol I'm usually lazy after work to do anything else

  2. haha... I think its habit, but I am trying to do away with hoarding. but I can't help it.

    You should cook. After all, you were the one who went to cooking school. :D