Saturday, January 19, 2013

My First Saturday

Contrary to popular belief, Saturdays weren't made for partying (at least for now). Today was meant for rest and recharge. For the first time in years, I got up past noon, which is something that I could not do back home. (By 9am, my phone would start ringing with calls from the office and I would definitely have to get up.) 

Today also marks my first week here in the United States. For the last seven days, I've been living off my suitcase. All my suitcases opened on the floor and each morning would be a scavenger hunt. I got a bit tired of that so I just had to unpack. Back home, I have the household help to do that for me. But since I am all alone here, I have to do this myself. I feel that she would be proud if she sees how I managed to arrange the apartment. I've always known in my mind that I could do it but due to the ultra-long list of things that I had to tend to back home, I never had the opportunity to do it there. Today, I am proud to say that I was able to put up the shower curtains on my own!!!

 Before: no curtains

After: Shower curtain from Bed, Bath and Beyond

I didn't plan on getting shower curtains today. it just so happens that Bed, Bath and Beyond is located right beside the local grocery store Harris Teeter. 

Harris Teeter

Bed Bath & Beyond

Got myself a can opener, lemons, onions, garlic and cheese!!! Goodness, onions and garlic are way too expensive here but its just me... I might get used to it eventually... (not!)

Right after this quick errand, I decided to walk around and I found this nice row of restaurants which I hope that I'll be able to try out in the near future.

Until sometime in March, there's gonna be an ice skating rink in the middle. It looks fun. I want to try it out too.

After a day of cleaning, I'm gonna take my well-deserved rest.


  1. The baby is now a lady! Weee! So proud of! Monumental moment na when you first bought your own shower curtain!

    1. buying is one thing, installing one is another thing haha :D