Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday is the beginning of the weekend!

Life here is pretty much the same in Manila. We operate under a four day work week where all classes are held from Monday to Thursday and Fridays are reserved for meetings.

The morning was used to do my errands, trip to the grocery, sent a package somewhere, I got myself a Cuisinart Smartstick Hand blender which i experimented on later in the day. But the weekend is not a weekend without going out.

We had Thai for dinner at Galae Thai near Eisenhower metro station. Thailand is my favorite place on earth for shopping, but never for eating. I get by eating McDonald's and chinese food there. but this time, i can say I enjoyed dinner. I tasted the best pad thai ever. We also had green seafood curry, panang tofu, pla meuk tod (calamares with lemon sauce), and spring rolls. Everything was perfect except for the green seafood curry which I found to be too watered down. Thank you Joanna for the yummy treat! To more student fellowships!

Movie night was taken cared of by Joost (again thank you). We were already late for the entire Les Miserables movie craze. The movie house actually has a unique pricing scheme, before noon, movies are only $6 and as you progress, it gets more expensive. I was looking for the part where people say they cried but I found no tears.


  1. I myself havent watched Les Mis. Would probably just dl it next month. That Thai resto looks good ah! Are you making fresh soup with your new cuisinart?

    1. I made tomato mushroom soup the other day :D