Friday, January 18, 2013

Minor Errands Day (ME DAY!!!)

Since there is a 12-hour time difference between Manila and the East Coast, and I havent actually had time to adjust (between apartment hunting, administrative matters in school and classes), I got up extra late today. I don't have enough time to go to school, so I decided to take care of minor errands for my apartment.

For those who know me, I really need coffee to start my day, even if I'm already immune to the effects of caffeine (Yes, I am one of those who can sleep soundly at night despite shots of after-dinner espresso). So I headed to Costco to scout for coffee makers, then Nordstrom, then Marshalls, then Best Buy only to find that the cheapest one is in Costco. Here's what I got:

Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable coffee maker. I'll review this in the future.

Settling down is a bit of a task and I only had one day with my mentor to shop. (We actually filled up the middle row and the entire compartment of his car when he helped me settle down.) So I'm pretty sure that there were a couple of things that we forgot to pick up.

Here's my shopping stash from Nordstrom and Marshalls:


Standard black for meetings and conferences/ Bordeaux (the picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful colour) for everyday

Not a big fan of closed shoes. If you actually see my footwear back home, I do not own any pair of closed shoes except for the pair that I got from Payless for church duties. With winter reaching its peak, I reluctantly shopped for closed shoes. It took me 2 hours to look for two pairs. 

Drinking Bottle

In school, my office is not too near the drinking fountain, making me too lazy to get a drink - not good for the body. So I got myself a bottle. This should keep me hydrated for at least half a day.


Despite having a heater, the cold has been waking me up these past days. My blanket from back home was not warm enough. 


Almost all my things are still in the suitcase and it takes forever to pick an outfit in the morning. My apartment has a huge walk-in closet that I have yet to put to use. So here's just what I need, velvet-lined hangers, and of course I got them in pink.

and lastly, home slippers. I know these are Havaianas and back home, people think that its a luxury. Well, I'm not a big fan of Havs because I think they are just too common (everybody has one), but I got this pair because its the cheapest pair that I could find.

Looking at my loot now, it doesn't seem too much, but carrying it from Pentagon Centre to my place was the hard part. Good thing the cashier at Nordstrom, and guess what: he is Filipino, was very friendly and kind enough to pack everything nicely. I made a new friend today. 

And that's today's adventure. Now, I have to get back to reality and start fixing my things. 


  1. I love the MK shoes! As for the Calvin ones, i cant see them clearly. How about food items? What did you get?

  2. i still have some food, mostly salad and bread so healthy living :D

    1. you must be still sleeping... what are your plans today Saturday?