Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This one is for Lovely

Its already spring break but I'm swamped with work. I have tons of research to do and seminars to attend. It just does not feel like a break at all. With the single exception that I successfully survived a three-day detox plan that I designed. Anyway, I was able to attend a talk by a professor from Brown University at Georgetown University. Lovely of misslovelytan.blogspot.com made sure that I took photos of Georgetown itself, so I did on my way back to George Washington University, my office. So here's what it looks like on a normal day.

 Healy Hall (Georgetown University)

  Georgetown Cupcakes 

Stores along M Street

 Stores along M Street

 Stores along M Street

 LOVELY!!! Here's your favorite store! 

 Stores along M Street

One of my favorites but I was too tired to shop earlier.

 Serendipity 3 is a branch of the serendity cafe in New York. I love their grilled cheese. 


 more food

 Coffee and dessert

 more shops



 Sprinkles (Another cupcake shop)

relax again...

I'd probably love M Street if I were a tourist. Its the perfect place to walk, eat, shop, eat again, shop again, walk sort of thing. But as a researcher, I feel that M Street is a distraction. Maybe I will have more time to explore during summer time. 


  1. My comment yesterday did not publish pala! Grrrr

  2. I died when i saw Georgetown cupcakes!! Anu ba yan!! Aldo!!! H&M!! SALE!!!! Wahhhh!! Butas ang bulsa!! Nyahahahaahahah