Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade strawberry lemon smoothie

Its still cold and I am still avoiding the task of going out. I've been craving for a smoothie but its not exactly the most appropriate drink for the weather. Thank goodness for my hoarder abilities and I have tons of ingredients in my fridge. I can make my drink in the comfort of my home.

I used 6 kirkland frozen strawberries, thawed. I buy them frozen to prevent them from spoiling. Initially, I would get the fresh berries but after 1 week i wouldnt be able to finish a 4-lb. clamshell all alone so there. After researching the difference between frozen and fresh, which is not really much, I settled for frozen.

Add yogurt. I used 1 serving just to avoid the hassle of storing it again. Use any variant as you please, today i am in the mood for lemon.

Add some milk to make it more liquid/drinkable. I am not a big fan of milk but my lifestyle here has had a positive externality but still i opt for the non-dairy milk variants like almond milk or soy milk.

Add honey for sweetness. It really depends on how sweet you want it, i like mine a bit tangy so just a couple of swirls did the trick.

Blend them all together!!! To date, i can say that the best purchase I made for the kitchen is the Cuisinart 2 speed hand blender with multiple attachments i got from Costco.

And voila! Craving satisfied, and it is definitely low calorie at less than 200 calories.

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