Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drawing Salon: Composition and Perspective Canaletto and Panini

I was so ecstatic when I found out that the National Gallery of Art was offering a free drawing workshop today. I have always been interested in drawing but I never had the chance to take lessons. The closest that I got to an art class was fashion design school at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines.  Anyway, I had no idea what to expect. But let me just say that I'd love to take a class with them again. Unfortunately, this is the last in the series, I should have attended the other classes last February and March but there is no point regretting. I just hope they continue to offer the Drawing Salon series next year.

Today's facilitators were Liz and Adam. The workshop was held in a gallery housing the works of Canaletto and Panini, but works of Canaletto's nephew Bellotto. It was amazing how they were able to discuss the technique and incorporate the lives of these painters. Furthermore, they provided materials for drawing. Look at the pictures in this post to have a preview. 
 The line for the workshop. We were there way before the registration time started to make sure that we have a slot. 

 Liz giving a brief introduction on the programme. 

Pencil, eraser, handout and clipboard

 Adam talking about lines and perspective

 Canaletto's The Porta Portello, Padua

Using lines and perspective, I was able to come up with some semblance of an outline

Panini's Interior of St. Peter's Basilica

Drawing landscapes can be scientific after all, using lines and angles. It is definitely refreshing take an artistic away from my otherwise mathematically concentrated life.

For those who still want to attend this workshop, you still have a chance on April 14, 2013 Sunday. Be there before 12:30pm to register at the West Building, East Garden Court, National Gallery of Art, Sixth and Constitution Avenue, Washington DC refer to for more details.

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